Almost done with 23-hour brace wear

Today is January 19. Cason has been in his brace for just over two months. His last check-in with his doctor was a month ago in December. The doctor said his feet were looking great and he had no concerns! Yay! Our next appointment is February 15 and then he can hopefully start wearing his bar only during naps and nighttime.

We have had a time with his left foot. It constantly comes out of the much as 15 times a day! Its frustrating to put the shoes on and a minute later, he has kicked himself out of his left shoe. The right shoe never ever comes off on it's own. We've tried putting double socks on, tightening the shoe laces and strap but nothing works. A few weeks ago, we visited his orthotist for help. She added a little extra padding under the tongue of his shoe but it has not helped at all. We have a meeting with his orthotist again this week to have more padding added. I asked his doctor if we could get a whole new set-up (possibly the Mitchell AFO Bar) but he said we had to "exhaust all other options" first. (I will have to say I like his Horton click-bar he has now. With this, we can remove the bar for clothes and diaper changes without having to take his shoes off).
Its frustrating throughout the day but at night is when it makes me worry. There have been several times when we have woken up and his left foot is out of his shoe. The worst part about this is that his right foot is still in the shoe and often twisted with the bar still attached. I worry that he could really hurt himself this way.

Other than the frustration of his left foot, everyone is managing really well. He doesn't mind wearing his brace and shoes at all. He even seems to relax a bit more when he is wearing them. He will definitely have strong hips and legs…he has not problems moving and kicking when he is wearing it all. He even sleeps with his legs in the air and the bar resting on his head sometimes. My dad helped us to wrap the bar in foam tubing to cushion it a bit. It keeps him from hurting his face and helps us from getting hurt when we're in his way!