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Facts about Clubfoot:

-Clubfoot (or talipes equinovarus) is a congenital birth defect that causes the one or both feet to turn inward
-Clubfoot occurs in both feet 50% of the time (bilateral talipes equinovarus)
-Clubfoot results from abnormal development of the muscles, tendons and bones of the fetus. Shortened tendons and ligaments on the inside of the lower leg lead to the foot turning inward. A tight achilles tendon contributes to the rigidity of the foot.
-Clubfoot occurs more often in males than females
-Clubfoot occurs about 1 in 750 (this number may vary worldwide). This is one of the most common birth deffects.
-The Ponseti Method of treatment is effective in 95% of cases. This method of correction includes a series of casts, possible surgery (tenotomy) and braces.

Resources for Parents & Family:

Learn more about clubfoot from Ponseti International

Babycenter.com Support Group

Guide for Parents

Poster with excellent pictures showing the method and stages of the Ponseti method

miraclefeet…treating clubfoot one step at a time! Donate here (including your used braces) to help treat children around the world!

Bo's Cherub Feet…a book written for children with clubfoot

Resources for shoes:

(These may be helpful if your child wears different sized shoes. I personally have not used any of these yet but wanted to share the links I have found through research)
Clarks UK  (UK stores offer you the opportunity to buy shoes in different sizes; the US stores do not)
*I have also heard that NordstromStride Rite and Nike may allow you to buy shoes in separate sizes but I have not confirmed this for myself.

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