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The sole purpose of this site is to share our personal experience with clubfoot correction. If you are a family member or friend to a child with clubfoot, we sincerely hope this site helps you in any way it can.

Cason, 1 Day Old
The moment Cason was born, the doctor held him up for us to see as he let out a nice loud cry. The first look at your brand new baby is one of the greatest moments a parent waits for. I remember seeing his perfect little self, looking over his entire body. I knew he was healthy and beautiful; I cried tears of joy. I also knew that something was wrong with his feet and I kept the fear to myself as long as I could. The bend in each of his feet were not important  at the moment. I wanted his nurses to do their routine check on him and I knew my doctor was not through with me yet either. As we watched the nurses look him over, my husband leaned in to ask why I was crying. Something was wrong, I told him.  “Somethings wrong?!?”.. . The nurses turned back to him and confirmed our fears by shaking their heads “yes”. 

I don’t remember who said or at what point we heard the term “clubfoot”. We both cried a little, imagining a life of wearing braces, sitting in a wheelchair, being picked on. We imagined his brother getting in trouble for fighting bullies who picked on him. Our minds raced. 

My husband had his phone out to look up the meaning. We had no idea what it was or what it meant for Cason. I remember my husband reading out a list of celebrities, mainly athletes, with clubfoot…”Troy Aikmen. Kristi Yamaguchi. Mia Hamm. Damon Wayons.” I knew in that moment that things may be okay but I still wasn’t reassured. I looked at my husband and said that I was glad  Cason was ours because we are strong enough to handle anything. 

My doctor and our nurses would not say much because  they didn’t know much about clubfoot. My husband asked if Cason would be able to have a normal life and their response was something along the lines of “most likely”. We had to wait for the Nursery’s pediatrician to come talk to us for any more information. Once she came in, it was obvious that even she did not have enough information to comfort us.

In the meantime, word spread to our family that Cason was born with bilateral clubfoot. From what we hear, they were all busy researching on their phones in the waiting room. When they came to visit us, they tried reassuring us that he would be okay, we would be okay. No matter the research everyone around me did, I just couldn’t be convinced that Cason was going to be okay. My family came across a mother’s blog that was short, to-the-point and had lots of pictures. Once I saw this, I began to feel relief. It wasn’t a medical website with medical terms; it was easy and friendly to read. I began to come around a little. 
Over the next few days (and even weeks), I knew that we were all blessed that he was born a healthy baby. He was perfect in every way but my heart still hurt. I still wasn’t convinced that he would be able to lead a normal life.  I felt selfish because I knew other new parents were dealing with hardships worse than ours. As time went by, I was finally convinced that all we needed was a little time and patience and all of our fears would be far far behind us.

It took us about a week after Cason was born to choose an Orthopedist. We are lucky enough to live within an hour of three doctors. We ended up choosing the one closest to us (about a 15 minute drive) due to the many visits we would be having. We met with the doctor for a consultation and then a week later, Cason had his first set of casts at 16 days old. Cason's story continues here

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