Our Tips & Advice

-If you are lucky enough to live in an area with more than one Orthopaedic doctor to choose from, choose the one that is most convenient to you. You will be making a lot of trips in the coming months!

-Take every stranger's glance or stare or question as a chance to educate about clubfeet. I think this is one of our most important jobs as a parent of child with clubfeet.

- Since the casts are so high on the leg, messy diaper changes can be tricky. Move fast! If the cast gets dirty and it can't be cleaned with a quick wipedown, cover the dirty spots with stickers or decorative duct tape. Of course if they're too dirty, call your doctor to see if you can come in to have a new one put on.

-While wearing casts, we typically just do a quick sponge- or washcloth-bath during the week. Since we get to remove Cason's casts at home each week, he gets a real bath in the tub after they are removed and before we head to the doctor to get a new set of casts put on. See another mom's method here.

-During bath time, be sure to really exfoliate your child's skin. Don't forget to get in between the toes and in the creases of ankles, legs and knees!

-Invest in footless rompers with buttons/snaps down the legs. These are especially helpful to have on hand when your child is in the "23-hour" wear phase of wearing braces. With these, you can do quick diaper changes without taking off the shoes/brace set. Carters almost always has a great selection.

-Buy double layered and/or extra long socks. Thick socks may help keep your child's foot from slipping out of their shoes. Long socks can be folded down to help hide excess length on shoe strings.

-Pad the bar/brace to keep both you and your child from getting hurt from any blows. Don't underestimate how much it will hurt if you get hit with one! We initially taped foam on it but then we had a custom "bar bumper" made.

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