Brace - Naps & Nights!

(well, almost!…at least the "all-day"- wear)

Its a great day in our household! Cason has been wearing his brace for 3 months/23-hours a day. We had a quick visit to the orthopedist this morning; he said his feet looked amazing and has no worries. Cason can now wear his set-up only during naps and nighttimes (with a 12 hour/day goal). Yay! I know Cason will feel free but mom and dad (and grandparents, too!) are really looking forward to this, too!

A little too late (just because Cason won't be wearing his set-up in public much anymore), we ordered a custom Bar Bumper to replace the foam we had wrapped around his brace.  The primary reason is to help cushion the bar itself but we also wanted to ignite others’ curiosity when they see us out so we chose to have put on it. We're hoping people will see this and lead them to the miraclefeet website. Hopefully some giving hearts will be inspired to donate to help continue the work that they do. Not only do they accept monetary donations but they also accept used braces to be donated to children around the world!

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