Fifth Set of Casts & Tenotomy

Casts worn October 18-October 25 (1 week)
Tenotomy performed October 25

You can see the drastic difference in the angles of each foot.  His left foot has done excellent. It is in position to start wearing his brace but that comes in a few more weeks….

I didn't get any pictures of his feet after the casts were removed but his feet didn't look any different than last week.

Cason had a tenotomy performed on his right foot on October 25th, the day his fifth set of casts were removed. His right foot could not be manipulated any further by wearing casts. We are thankful that he only needed the procedure done on one feet and not on both. Before the procedure was done, he was "fitted" for his braces and shoes. His shoulders and feet were measured so that everything could be ordered and ready for us in a few weeks!

The tenotomy was performed at the orthopedic office in the same room we used for castings. Thirty minutes prior to the procedure, Cason had some numbing ointment applied to his ankle. During the thirty minute wait period, we fed him a bottle so that we were sure he was full and happy.
My husband and I decided to not be present in the room during the procedure. We waited across the hallway in a vacant room. I'm still debating on whether I made the right decision by not being with him during the procedure, especially because we could hear him crying across the hallway. Immediately before the procedure, he had a shot to help numb him further. The procedure itself took less than 30 seconds and we were back in the room with him within seconds. We held him for awhile to help soothe him before his sixth set of casts were applied.

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