First Set of Casts

Casts worn September 21-September 28 (1 week)

These are Cason's first set of casts. We were surprised that he was not too terribly fussy during the actual casting which took less than 20 minutes. A layer of cotton is underneath the soft fiberglass wraps. The cotton and wraps were applied by an assistant while the doctor held Cason's foot in place. While the wraps were drying, the doctor continued to mold the casting so that his leg and foot would stay in the proper placement. They gave us sugar water that we put on Cason's pacifier to help keep him calm and he really enjoyed it!

During the first night of wearing casts, he was a little fussy. He didn't seem to be in pain at all but just a little frustrated. I probably would be too if I couldn't stretch my legs out!

We removed his casts a few hours before his doctor's appointment (which we will continue to do each week before new casts are applied). Taking the casts off at home gives us an opportunity to bathe him before his doctor's appointment. He really enjoyed his bath…it was much better than the little sponge bath he was used to while wearing the casts! I think I will look forward to the baths each week since they seem to make him so happy!

This is his left foot after the casts were removed.

I don't have a picture of the bottom of his feet before treatment started, but the creases that were on the bottom of each foot are now gone!

This is his right foot after the casts were removed.

Top view of his feet after week 1 of casts! What a difference already!

A reminder of what Cason's feet looked like before his first casting. He is 16 days old here on his way to the orthopedist.

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