Fourth Set of Casts

Casts worn October 12-18 (1 week)

This is the only picture of his casts this week. You can still see how his left foot was turned out more for the casting. Since his right foot had not progressed as much, it could not be turned out at the same angle as his left. The doctor explained that he cannot literally or metaphorically push the foot further than it was ready to go. He said that was a mistake many doctors make and I am thankful that he  did not try to make that mistake!

His left foot after the cast was removed. Looks perfect!

His right foot after the cast was removed. You can see this foot looks short and fat. The angle of this picture also doesn't show how much it still turns in a bit. The doctor cannot manipulate this foot much further through casting so he will have a Tenotomy done in one week.

His right foot again. This is the best picture I was able to get of how red his skin gets. The red is on both feet and on the back of each leg. The skin on his feet and legs is also flaky when the casts are removed. When he gets his bath each week, I do my best to help exfoliate the skin because I hate the thought that it may itch underneath his casts!

Top view of his feet

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