Sixth Set of Casts & New Horton Click Bar/Brace

Casts worn October 25-November 15 (3 weeks total)

After Cason's tenotomy, he had a full regular cast applied to his right foot. On his left foot, he had a "half" cast that stopped right below his knee. The doctor explained it was like a "place holder" for the next three weeks while the right foot healed.
Instead of changing casts again in one week like we had been doing, he wore the casts for three weeks.

Top view of Cason's feet after his 6th set of casts were removed. Looks perfect!

Today is November 15. Cason is officially through wearing casts (so long as we 'follow the rules' wearing the brace). He now is wearing his Markell shoes and Horton click-bar! The shoes are definitely not my favorite. They are white leather and look a little old fashioned. They have openings in the toe and at the heel. The openings help to position is foot the right way when the shoes are put on and it helps us keep an eye on them to make sure they don't shift throughout the day. The bar only comes in purple. I don't really mind it but wish we had a more neutral color to match more of his outfits!

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