Sixth Set of Casts & New Horton Click Bar/Brace

Casts worn October 25-November 15 (3 weeks total)

After Cason's tenotomy, he had a full regular cast applied to his right foot. On his left foot, he had a "half" cast that stopped right below his knee. The doctor explained it was like a "place holder" for the next three weeks while the right foot healed.
Instead of changing casts again in one week like we had been doing, he wore the casts for three weeks.

Top view of Cason's feet after his 6th set of casts were removed. Looks perfect!

Today is November 15. Cason is officially through wearing casts (so long as we 'follow the rules' wearing the brace). He now is wearing his Markell shoes and Horton click-bar! The shoes are definitely not my favorite. They are white leather and look a little old fashioned. They have openings in the toe and at the heel. The openings help to position is foot the right way when the shoes are put on and it helps us keep an eye on them to make sure they don't shift throughout the day. The bar only comes in purple. I don't really mind it but wish we had a more neutral color to match more of his outfits!

Fifth Set of Casts & Tenotomy

Casts worn October 18-October 25 (1 week)
Tenotomy performed October 25

You can see the drastic difference in the angles of each foot.  His left foot has done excellent. It is in position to start wearing his brace but that comes in a few more weeks….

I didn't get any pictures of his feet after the casts were removed but his feet didn't look any different than last week.

Cason had a tenotomy performed on his right foot on October 25th, the day his fifth set of casts were removed. His right foot could not be manipulated any further by wearing casts. We are thankful that he only needed the procedure done on one feet and not on both. Before the procedure was done, he was "fitted" for his braces and shoes. His shoulders and feet were measured so that everything could be ordered and ready for us in a few weeks!

The tenotomy was performed at the orthopedic office in the same room we used for castings. Thirty minutes prior to the procedure, Cason had some numbing ointment applied to his ankle. During the thirty minute wait period, we fed him a bottle so that we were sure he was full and happy.
My husband and I decided to not be present in the room during the procedure. We waited across the hallway in a vacant room. I'm still debating on whether I made the right decision by not being with him during the procedure, especially because we could hear him crying across the hallway. Immediately before the procedure, he had a shot to help numb him further. The procedure itself took less than 30 seconds and we were back in the room with him within seconds. We held him for awhile to help soothe him before his sixth set of casts were applied.

Fourth Set of Casts

Casts worn October 12-18 (1 week)

This is the only picture of his casts this week. You can still see how his left foot was turned out more for the casting. Since his right foot had not progressed as much, it could not be turned out at the same angle as his left. The doctor explained that he cannot literally or metaphorically push the foot further than it was ready to go. He said that was a mistake many doctors make and I am thankful that he  did not try to make that mistake!

His left foot after the cast was removed. Looks perfect!

His right foot after the cast was removed. You can see this foot looks short and fat. The angle of this picture also doesn't show how much it still turns in a bit. The doctor cannot manipulate this foot much further through casting so he will have a Tenotomy done in one week.

His right foot again. This is the best picture I was able to get of how red his skin gets. The red is on both feet and on the back of each leg. The skin on his feet and legs is also flaky when the casts are removed. When he gets his bath each week, I do my best to help exfoliate the skin because I hate the thought that it may itch underneath his casts!

Top view of his feet

Third Set of Casts

Casts worn October 5-12 (1 week)

All ready for Halloween with his decorated casts!
Noice how his feet are turned out more than last week.

Here is his left foot after removing his cast. It now points outwards. This is the most improvement we have seen so far.
Another view of his left foot.

This is his right foot after removing the cast. It still turns in a bit and has not progressed as well as his left foot.

Top view of his feet

Second Set of Casts

Casts worn September 28-October 5 (1 week)

Oops! I didn't get any pictures this week of his casts or his feet after the casts were removed. This week's experience was not any different that last. Cason tolerates the casts well and we are so thankful for that!
We did notice once the casts were removed that his ankles were pretty red and the backs of his legs were red and purple. The doctor said this is normal and to anticipate the possibility of them looking worse in the coming weeks.

First Set of Casts

Casts worn September 21-September 28 (1 week)

These are Cason's first set of casts. We were surprised that he was not too terribly fussy during the actual casting which took less than 20 minutes. A layer of cotton is underneath the soft fiberglass wraps. The cotton and wraps were applied by an assistant while the doctor held Cason's foot in place. While the wraps were drying, the doctor continued to mold the casting so that his leg and foot would stay in the proper placement. They gave us sugar water that we put on Cason's pacifier to help keep him calm and he really enjoyed it!

During the first night of wearing casts, he was a little fussy. He didn't seem to be in pain at all but just a little frustrated. I probably would be too if I couldn't stretch my legs out!

We removed his casts a few hours before his doctor's appointment (which we will continue to do each week before new casts are applied). Taking the casts off at home gives us an opportunity to bathe him before his doctor's appointment. He really enjoyed his bath…it was much better than the little sponge bath he was used to while wearing the casts! I think I will look forward to the baths each week since they seem to make him so happy!

This is his left foot after the casts were removed.

I don't have a picture of the bottom of his feet before treatment started, but the creases that were on the bottom of each foot are now gone!

This is his right foot after the casts were removed.

Top view of his feet after week 1 of casts! What a difference already!

A reminder of what Cason's feet looked like before his first casting. He is 16 days old here on his way to the orthopedist.